Professional Studies – Session 5

The Final session in the professional studies lecture series was mainly about the job role of a producer and how to sell ourselves and the idea we have. Also information about being a new and young person in the industry I also found very interesting, After hearing a story about how one of the lecturers at Bournemouth university had been tricked in to giving up an idea that was then developed without him by a UK broadcaster. Furthermore losing a court case over who had the right to use the idea. This really opened my eyes to how deadly this industry can be.

We then moved on and talked about information about legal and ethical contexts such as, the pay grade for freelancers. This was a great piece of information as I had no idea the going rate for working crew members at all.We were asked, What is a Producer? From what I have taken from my research I is that a producer is the backing and fundamental drive behind a production. They are the first people in and the last out, working with the original idea to selling the final product (producer -product).

Job roles in the production of TV…

· Executive Producer –  Finance, has the final say in the production

· Line Producer – important manager in every day productions

· Associate Producer – researches

· Assistant Producer –  Directs shoots

· Production Assistant –  assists line producer and assistant producer. Acts like a PA for both

· Series Producer – Produces a series of programs (i.e X factor)

· Co-Producer – Producers partner, equal to the same status

· Supervising Producer – supervises one (or maybe is some cases two) area of the production

In modern day TV we can see certain genre trends that become very popular with family audiences making large amounts of money  off the same idea i.e “X-factor” or “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”. One thing that I have taken from the lecture is that as new producers we need to think of new and original ideas for productions to attract large audiences. Secondly we need to know how to sell the ideas properly to big broadcasters in order to get the funding to produce them, meanwhile being careful that our ideas are not stolen. However are there any more genres that are different from one and other? is ou job now as 21st century film makers, to make stories rather than different ways to tell the story? have we simple come up with every possible genre ? – An interesting source about setting ourselves apart from others and beating the competition.

Over all I found this very eye opening in to the logistics of the “Producer” role. I now understand that there are options out there for us as new budding film makers with new and original ideas so that we are not taken advantage of. One of which is joining a union to help back us up if we get cheated out our ideas or mistreated in the work place. I’m really glad that there is support for us as students in this ever changing industry.


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